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  • Adams Bank & Trust Celebrates 100 Years

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    Adams Bank & Trust is a family owned & operated community bank with services ranging from consumer and business banking to financial management and estate planning.  Todd S. Adams, CEO, and Chad S. Adams, President, serve as the 4th generation of Adams that have led the bank over the past 100 years.  Their great-grandfather, G.D. Adams, co-founded the bank in Lemoyne, NE in 1916.  In 1934, as the Kingsley Dam and Lake McConaughy projects were being developed, the bank was moved from Lemoyne to Brule, NE because it was apparent that the original town of Lemoyne would soon be under water.  Following that move, the next generations of Adams began returning to the bank, paving the way for a legacy of family operation.  Each generation brought new insights and advancement for the bank.  It was shortly after the return of Mel Adams, Todd & Chad’s father, that the bank began expanding into new communities.  By 1972 there were 5 banks total, with combined assets of $25 million.  Once revised banking laws allowed for the merger of State banks, all five banks owned by the Adams family were merged under the common name Adams Bank & Trust (1986).  As the bank grew, they established their corporate office in Ogallala, NE.

    Over the next several decades, the bank added more locations in an effort to bring adequate financial services to more communities in rural Nebraska.  It was in December of 2000 that they opened their first facility in Colorado, located in the town of Berthoud. 
    One of the most fun elements of the bank’s 100th anniversary in 2016 is what they internally refer to as Operation 2K16, a focus on “presence over presents” in their communities by finding time to give back.

    In the banking world, differentiation is key.  It’s quite common to hear people feel that all banks are the same.  As a family owned and operated bank, there is a high priority on the customer relationship and providing personalized attention and care to each customer.  This is a cornerstone of the culture that the Adams family has built within the organization as a whole and something that the bank prides itself on.  Adams Bank & Trust President, Chad S. Adams, is commonly quoted when he explains that the bank places a high priority on the success of their customers rather than simply focusing on the success of the bank.  This philosophy acknowledges that the bank cannot be successful unless its customers are successful.  Relationship banking is the key element incorporated by the Adams family so that their employees can serve as a resource to facilitate their customers’ success.
    Today Adams Bank & Trust has 19 locations in Nebraska, Colorado & Kansas with over $600 million in assets.  As we prepare to celebrate the bank’s 100th anniversary in July, we’re very excited for what the future holds. 
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