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  • Amy Pemberton joined North Platte Area Chamber and Development as Office Manager and Events Coordinator.  Previously, she was Marketing/Sales Assistant and Community Outreach Coordinator for Gray Television handling and preparing community events, fundraisers and promotions.  Her previous professional experience includes Real Estate Broker in the state of Indiana where she listed and sold properties but specialized in assisting banks with foreclosures and helping to preserve the community.  After relocating from Indiana to Colorado, she worked as Planner for Grand County Planning & Zoning working with developers and community, in the growth and development of Grand County, building resorts, subdivisions, residential homes, and businesses.

    Amy brings additional experiences in office management, mentoring, advocacy, law enforcement and legal.  She is passionate about quality experiences and meeting the needs and goals of the community.  She brings strong communication skills, strategic planning, research, development and promotion of new projects and ideas.  Amy has two associate degrees, one in business administration and one in marketing.  She is working towards completion of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a Business Minor, through Chadron State College.  Amy lives by making a difference and making it count!

  • Chamber Bucks promote local spending thus supporting our member businesses in Lincoln County. 

    Any business in Lincoln County can accept Chamber Bucks. 

    They can be purchased in $5.00 or $20.00 dollar denominations at the Chamber & Development office during regular business hours. 

    If you need a large amount of Chamber Bucks please call (308) 532-4966 and they will be ready when you arrive. 

    Customers can exchange their expired Chamber Bucks for current ones at the Chamber & Development Office.

    Chamber bucks are great for  employee awards, incentives, bonuses, and drawings!

    Credit cards are not accepted for the sale of Chamber Bucks.  

    Chamber Bucks do not expire

    A Note to Business Owners: Chamber Bucks should be treated as cash

    There are currently more than $600,000 Chamber Bucks in Circulation in the North Platte area. This is a wonderful economic opportunity for local businesses. Please make it easy for your customers to spend their money at your business.

    Chamber Bucks should be treated as cash. Change should be given back to the customer if the face value is larger than the purchase. Chamber bucks will be deposited in your business bank account like any other check.

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