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  • Posted: May 6



    The City of North Platte, Nebraska received a $30,000 planning grant from the State of Nebraska to conduct a Façade Design Planning Project in downtown North Platte. 

    The City of North Platte, Nebraska is requesting proposals from qualified firms or individual(s) with special expertise in the area of design for the Façade Design Project in order to help eliminate blight and revitalize the physical and economic conditions that exist in Downtown North Platte. 

    The goal of the Façade Design Project is to give building owners an idea for façade improvements that will help businesses be more attractive and viable to economic growth. Any commercial building owner within the 5 block selected area will be contacted to participate. In addition, the design consultant will work with stakeholders to formulate a local façade grant program.

    The City of North Platte desires to hire a consultant to create conceptual façade designs. The City and partner representatives will work closely with the selected consultant to ensure designs meet City regulations including but not limited to codes and local historic preservation standards.  The selected consultant will provide all documents and conceptual renderings to the City as well as to the appropriate building owners. 

    Project Description
    The purpose of this project is to give owners an idea for façade improvements that will set the stage for downtown revitalization one building at a time. Conceptual renderings will provide visual examples of facade design that transforms existing buildings and creates a fresh new look that will encourage economic growth in the downtown area.

    The selected firm will collaborate one-on-one with building owners within a 5-block selected area of Downtown North Platte (approximately 54 buildings) to prepare a conceptual rendering of façade improvements for each building. Each building owner will receive a conceptual facade design to give owners an idea for façade improvements. In addition, the design consultant will work with stakeholders to formulate a local façade grant program, including: eligible properties, eligible improvements, application design, grant amounts, match requirements, and potential sources of funding.

    Scope of Services

    Should your firm be selected, services to be performed by consultant shall include by not be limited to the following:

    • Consultant shall attend a kickoff Town-Hall style meeting to educate the building and business owners as to the project and the timeline. The City and partner representatives will assist with the date, location, and invites for the meeting.
    • Consultant shall contact each building owner and business owner in the selected area to schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss ideas for façade improvements.
    • Consultant shall prepare conceptual façade renderings incorporating the building owner’s feedback for each building in the selected area (approximately 54 properties within selected area)
    • Consultant shall review conceptual renderings with the City and their partner representatives for feasibility and compliance
    • Consultant shall be available to correspond with or attend additional meetings as requested by the City and their partner representatives
    • Once façade concept designs are approved copies will be provided to the City and to the building and business owners
    • Consultant will also work with the City and partner representatives to formulate a local façade grant program including, but not limited to: eligible properties, application design, grant amount recommendations, match requirements, and potential sources of funding
    • Consultant is responsible for ensuring that all necessary tasks for project completion are indicated in their proposal.

    Submittal Requirements
    The consulting firm must demonstrate the experience and resources needed to design and develop a conceptual façade designs.  Prior experience in façade design, preservation of historic structures, and the fabric of downtown will be critical elements in evaluating the statement of qualifications.  Previous direct involvement with projects, which include Community Development Block Grants and other Federal funding sources, special improvement districts, and demonstrated ability to complete projects of this nature will also be important factors in considering the most qualified candidates.

    The firm or individual(s) selected for the Façade Design Planning Project shall:

    • Demonstrate previous experience with projects involving façade design as it relates to historic buildings
    • have a working knowledge of historic preservation standards including Nebraska State Historic Preservation rules and regulations
    • indicate experience with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) procedures and regulations
    • have knowledge of  the use of CDBG or similar Federal funding and tax credit programs
    • indicate which individual or individuals shall be in direct charge of the preparation of design and services
    • be capable of completing all elements of the proposed renovation project as indicated within 18 months from date of contract award
    • have qualified key personnel assigned to the project with the requisite education, experience and knowledge coinciding with the project’s requirements

    In order to ensure quality proposals are received, each consulting firm shall submit a statement of qualifications that reflects their ability to implement this project and identify the firm’s experience with comparable projects.  The material submitted by the prospective firm will be used by the selection committee to determine which teams will be invited to participate in an interview if such an interview is necessary. 


    The submittal of the firm should include the following:

    1. Names, addresses, telephone, fax numbers and e-mail addresses of the key team members involved in this project.
    2. The roles and responsibilities of each team member.  The members of the team who will be making decisions and with whom the City of North Platte should correspond.  (It is desirable to have a single contact point and this person should be identified.)
    3. The length of time each team member has been associated with façade design-type services.
    4. Identification of possible consultants who will be involved in the project.
    5. Description of the firm’s experience and success with similar types of projects.  Indicate how each of those projects relates to the Façade Design Project for Downtown North Platte.  
    6. Evidence of a satisfactory current workload identifying the firm’s capability to complete this project in a timely fashion.
    7. Proposed fee for services as it pertains to this request for proposal 

    Firm Selection: 

    Interested firms are invited to submit one original and four (4) copies of the proposal to Judy Clark, Planning Administrator, City of North Platte, 211 West Third, North Platte, NE 69101 no later than May 31, 2016, 5:00 PM.  

    A Selection Committee comprised of but not limited to representatives from the City Development Department, Downtown Business Association, City Historic Preservation Board, and the North Platte Area Chamber & Development Corporation will be formed to review and recommend firm or individual(s) selection.  The selection of the firm or individual(s) will be based upon the following weighed factors:

    1. Experience and qualifications of the firm or individual(s) specifically for façade design projects, quality of work and cost control --------------------- 30 points
    2. Reports of firm or individual(s) project references --------------------- 25 points
    3. Working knowledge of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) procedures and regulations, and Nebraska State Historic Preservation rules and regulations --------------------- 25 points
    4. Current firm or individual(s) workload --------------------- 10 points
    5. Capacity of firm or individual(s) to perform work within time schedule --------------------- 10 points

    The City of North Platte reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to select the firm or individual(s) based solely on the submitted written proposals or to conduct interviews with some or all firms/individual(s) submitting proposals.  This solicitation is offered according to Federal and State requirements governing procurement of professional services.  Accordingly, the City reserves the right to modify the scope of work and negotiate fees with the selected firm or individual(s) for the preparation of façade design and services.

    All questions/inquiries regarding this request for proposal should be directed to Judy Clark, City Planning Administrator at the address listed above or by telephone at 308-535-6724 ext. 3244 during normal business hours. 

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