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  • Leadership Lincoln County Education Day Recap

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    Time is ticking and we are in our 8th month of Lincoln County Leadership.  Education is the key to our future and today we experienced many of the amazing Educational opportunities we have in Lincoln County.
    Mid Plains Community College was our first stop where we heard from Ryan Purdy, the President of the College and Mike Steele, Are VP of Administrative Services.   The mission of MPCC is To provide quality educational opportunities for lifelong student learning.  The college serves a wide area and accommodates a very diverse group of individuals with ages ranging from 15-83.  You are never too old to continue your education!
    The college offers extended campuses, an active Student life, on and off Campus living and classes to suite most needs.  The College works closely with each student to ensure they are on the right path to what their personal educational goal is. We were able to tour both the North and South Campus and then get a special tour on the new gym and workout facility.   
    It is very understandable at how one can gain the Freshman 15! Eating lunch at the cafeteria on South Campus was a special treat with an incredible variety of choices from sub sandwiches, a hot meal choice, salad and of course dessert.  Something for everyone!
    After lunch we traveled to McDaid School where Kevin and Wendy  Dodson met us to  share  what their educational system has to offer.  McDaid and St.Pats high serves from preschool to graduation from high school.   McDaid is a beautiful building.  Funding is of vital importance to the livelihood of this facility.   Positive energy fills their buildings and is shown through the happy smiles on the students and staff.
    Traveling to Madison Middle school we were met by Danny McMurty who is the principal.  This is the first year of the school reconfiguration with Madison being the home of all 6th grade students in NPPSD and Adams the home of the 7th and 8th grade students.  You could certainly tell that Danny is proud of how well things are moving forward.  He stated that with the positive attitude of his staff and parents things are going quite well. 
    Our final stop was the North Platte High School.  Beautiful facility with lots of room for the many students and staff.   Mr. Simpson and Mr. Ayres explained the standard school day to us and how it worked like a well oiled machine.   Each part is a piece of a magnificent new tomorrow.   With the variety of classes offered at NPHS, each student is able to find something of interest and keep them engaged.  
    Special thanks to the LLC committee and the Educational Community who took part in the day’s activities!

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