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    The Vision and Mission of the Hebrew Torah Center is To develop a community of believers who embrace the teachings of the Torah to establish the Kingdom of Yahweh/God. 
    The Mission is to provide classes from ICTS-The International Center for Torah Studies - which teach people authentic business principles, as well as fundamental moral principles for living a successful life. 
    Teaching Torah to help find purpose, discover passion, and reach ones' potential is the main function of the STBM (Simcha Torah Beit Midrash), ICTS and the Hebrew Torah Center.
    We strive to motivate people to reach their full potential. We promote and encourage healthy family life and to raise awareness of the importance of Israel, the Israel Defense Forces, and the Israeli-Jewish Culture and lifestyle. We live the culture and lifestyle of the Messiah, learn Hebrew, the Holydays; Sabbath, Passover, Feast of Weeks, Tabernacles, along with a kosher diet. To study Torah-Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, which contain everything we need for life and Godliness. To know that Jesus is God and God is Jesus under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 

    ​Have you ever thought there has to be more? Myriads of people are now asking that question. There is a stirring in the earth today called the Hebrew Roots of Christianity. God is in the business of gathering and regathering the lost sheep of the House of Israel which consists globally of believers of all races. Over twenty years ago, the Hebrew Torah Center was just a dream of people in this area that were receiving dreams, visions and impressions of the Holy Spirit. Starting with a small group of Torah seekers, Jew and non-Jew, we eventually outgrew our homes and sought God for a neutral facility. We now are blessed with our Hebrew Torah Center and probably the first of its kind in North Platte and surrounding areas. We meet on Friday evening, the start of the Sabbath, in homes and at the center for worship and praise. The starting of the Sabbath is the highlight of our week beginning with our Sabbath meal in which children are blessed under the prayer shawl. Husbands then wrap their arms and prayer shawl around their wives and pray Proverbs 31 over them, followed with wives blessing the husbands reciting Psalms 1 followed with prayers for the singles in our midst. We bless our bread and wine with C'haim, 'to life', then study the Torah portion. (Torah; first five books fo the bible, which means teaching and instruction of God.) Saturday, we stream Rabbi Ralph Messer for the Torah teaching, praise, prayer and rejoicing. Observing the Sabbath ensures a great week; Shava Tov. Weekly sixteen talmidim learn the culture and lifestyle of the Messiah during studies at the ICTS; the International Center for Torah Studies. We observe the Feasts Days of the Lord; Passover, The Feast of Weeks, and Tabernacles completing the yearly cycle, that Jesus/Yeshua himself told us from the foundation of the world to observe. Most of us have never learned these biblical concepts thus fulfuillment of dreams and vision sent by God the reason for the Hebrew Torah Center in our hometown of North Platte, Nebraska. 

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