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  • Shot In The Arm Housing Update

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    The Shot in the Arm Housing project is a collaborative effort between the City of North Platte using Quality Growth Funding and the North Platte Area Chamber of Commerce and Development Corporation using Incentive funds contributed by our member business owners and professionals. 

    Purpose: To stimulate additional single family and townhouse/duplex development to meet a critical shortage of workforce housing in the North Platte area.
    Goal: Add 43 new housing units (single family and/or duplex) in the North Platte area by August 31, 2017.
    Preference: This program has limited available funding and a strong principle to add additional housing units to the North Platte market quickly, so preference may be given to companies that offer to build housing units with accelerated completion dates. At this time, all available funds have been allocated.
    Incentive: Using a combination of Chamber & Development Incentive funds contributed by our membership and an equal funding from the City’s Quality Growth Fund we offer $8,000 per new qualified single family housing unit or duplex/townhouse (note: for Townhouse/duplex the per housing unit incentive is $8,000 or $4,000 per side).  The program incentive for imported “Modular” homes is $4,000.  The funding will be advanced after qualified units reach the ready for paint stage of construction, that is, drywall is complete.

    Already 6 of the units have been issued the $8,000 incentive check to the developer after nearing completion, and 5 have already been sold. Approximately two thirds of the units approved to be a part of the program have been issued building permits and are in various stages of development. The remaining should get started later this spring or early summer. 

    Owned by Wilk Builders, located in Bush Court

    Owned by Ross Vogel/Rural Housing Partners, LLC and is located near Iron Eagle Golf Course

    Owned by Matt Thomas/Parkland Estates, LLC located at 301 N. Park Drive

    Owned by Willis Roethemeyer and built by Batt Construction, this was the first Shot In The Arm house to be completed! It is located on Sweetwood
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