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  • Two Nationally Renowned Catholic Recording Artists to Perform at free North Platte Concert

    Contact: Moriah Eickhoff, 308-660-3949
    A special, free concert is planned for the general public during the Going Bananas For Jesus weekend in North Platte, on Saturday, March 18, 2017.  Bananas is known as a Catholic Youth Retreat for young people.  In its 30th anniversary year, the event lets them explore their faith and create a better relationship with God and Jesus.

    "As we plan the in North Platte, we hear so often, "I was at the very first Bananas in Scottsbluff! And it meant so much to me," says Moriah Eickhoff, member of the Going Bananas For Jesus committee.  "We just knew we had to do something special for those who have attended and supported Bananas over 30 years!" says Eickhoff.
    The something special is a free, public, concert hosted Saturday night at McDaid Elementary's McGahan Activities Center in North Platte.  On Saturday, March 18th, at 7:30 p.m., Jesse Manibusan and ValLimar Jensen will perform in a professionally produced concert with lights, cameras, video screen, and sound system.

    Adults, families, and young people of all faiths from the region are invited to attend and celebrate their faith. 

    "Manibusan and Jansen are the keynote speakers and presenters for the weekend," says Eickhoff,  "these two Catholic catechists are sharing music and faith stories with the young people attending the weekend, then Saturday night, they will perform for the general public."           

    Eickhoff says the youth participating in the Bananas weekend will not be at the concert as they are attending in their Saturday night dance.  "The Saturday night dance is a tradition for Bananas, only participants and supervisors are allowed to attend that," says Eickhoff, "so Manibusan and Jansen agreed to perform Saturday night for everyone else!"

    Jesse Manibusan is a composer, singer/songwriter, storyteller, humorist, catechist, evangelizer and encourager.  Manibusan has that knack to build instant rapport, connect to his audience, and create life-giving memories that help deepen faith and cultivate the joy that inspires service, sacrifice and the celebration of life.

    ValLimar Jansen is a highly regarded singer, composer and recording artist. She is educated and experienced as a university/college professor, a leader of worship and prayer and a workshop presenter at conferences across the United States and abroad.  ValLimar Jansen has a long history of singing sacred music.

    "We encourage people to mark their calendars, and make an effort to be in North Platte on Saturday, March 18th, for the concert.  It will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have such high caliber talent in the region," says Eickhoff.


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