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    Allow us to introduce to you our company, ZONE45, LLC.  We are a business specializing in weed and pest management in North Platte and surrounding areas.  ZONE45 provides a vast amount of services.  We specialize in unwanted weeds; emphasizing in bare grounds, right-of ways, parking lots, sidewalks, landscape & turf, including noxious weed and aquatics control.  We also concentrate on management of unwanted pests such as insects, spiders, rodents, wildlife, turf, and ornamental pest. 
    Owner and operator, Kirk Nansel has been a dedicated employee to the North Platte area for 29 years.  He decided to pursue the weed and pest industry as he has always had an ambition in the pest management field.   Kirk has an agriculture back ground, extensive knowledge, and is known to take pride in his work.  Kirk is licensed with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture as a Commercial applicator in multiple categories.  
    Tyann, his wife also takes an interest in the insect, ornamental, and turf side of the business.  She has 25 year passion for growing plants.  Tyann has strong knowledge in plant physiology and plant health care.   She is also fascinated by insects, especially the beneficial lady bug.  Tyann is also license as a Commercial applicator.
    Kirk and Tyann have raised three children in the North Platte area.  In the “pest” family we have the youngest, Turner who will be assisting in the family business this upcoming spring.  MaKenzie who attends college pursing her degree in Entomology (the study of insects); and Courtnie, the oldest also has a passion for gardening and insects.   The “pest” family welcomes you to ZONE45;
    Zone45 implements a pest management strategy that uses a wide range of pest control methods.  We are proud in taking integrated management approaches to weed (IWM), vegetation (IVM), and pest (IPM) management.   Our goal is to prevent pests from reaching economically damaging levels with the least amount of risk to the environment. 
    Defining “pest” is complex.  It consists of a variety of weeds, insects, spiders, mollusks, pathogens, fish, birds, rodents, and other wildlife; therefore, Zone45’s pest programs are specific to each individual situation.  We approach your pest problem by pest assessment in which we identify, monitor, and initiate a management program specific to your needs.  We expect to build long term relationships with our customers by providing exceptional customer service.  We involve you, give you the facts; and together, we will implement a weed and/or pest treatment program.
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