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    The Chamber has been working on an incentive program to help our members recruit key employees to fill those hard-to-fill openings. We initially kicked off the idea with a survey to our member employers regarding current employment needs. The next step was for the Board of Directors to create guidelines in terms of wage standards, eligible applicants, incentive amounts, and eligible expenses. To date we have the following:

    The Proposal: Our Economic Development Committee and Board of Directors have established that the qualifying wage standard for recruiting the new employee is $20 per hour ($40,000 annually if salaried).   A three year employment contract would exist between you as the employer and the recruited person to qualify for the (up to) $10,000 incentive ($5 k from employer / $5 k from Quality Growth Fund).  As an employer you may recruit up to 2 employees using this incentive. If you request a reduced incentive level (say $2,500 ONLY that amount would be matched).


    As the employer, you can decide on how to best use the

    incentive with the employee, which could include: 

    1) Student Loan Reduction;

    2) Moving Relocation expenses;

    3) Purchase of tooling or equipment needed for a specific trade;

    4) down payment on home or utility or rent deposits;

    5) scholarship for trade school or community college;

    6) college senior scholarship at 4-year or graduate program; or

    7) combination of all of the above.


    We want to have the funding approved and program implemented as soon as possible in 2017.   Responding HERE by indicating how many employees you want to recruit "Yes - 1" or "Yes - 2" is your written commitment. Remember: You are under NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION until you begin the recruitment process.


    The Chamber Development Corporation will provide the publicity and some of the marketing, but seeking out and hiring the employee is still the responsibility of the employer.   Prospective candidates MUST be an out of a county resident, unless they are associated with one of the high school or college scholarship incentives.  This is to prevent recruiting away existing employees from our Lincoln County employers.


    We believe this is "smart growth" by targeting "quality job openings" to help our existing employers meet the challenges that come with recruiting today's work force.


    Please feel free to contact Gary with any questions or if you need clarification.


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