• Business Gift Card Boost Program

  • MAY 21, 2020 UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming support of our local community for our local businesses, ALL of the $200,000 funds allocated by the City of North Platte for the Business Gift Card Boost Program have been allocated. Thank you for your support! ❤️   Please continue to support our local businesses. Your loyalty in their businesses have made a tremendous impact in this short period and will continue to sustain their businesses in our community. Keep it up!!!


    On May 5, 2020 North Platte City Council approved the funding of the Business Gift Card Boost program through Quality Growth Funds. 

    When consumers purchase a gift card or gift certificate at eligible businesses within North Platte, those businesses will receive a dollar-for-dollar match from the LB 840 / Quality Growth Funds!


    How Consumers can help: Spread the word, purchase gift cards now for gifts (think Graduates, Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, Father's Day....) or purchase to use later. Remember you are doubling your investment in that business and in our community!

    What Businesses need to do now: It is in your hands to sell your gift cards / certificates and turn in your proof of sales before the funds run out. Below there are some FAQ, however if you have further questions, reach out to us- 308-532-4966 , or cassie@nparea.com - we are here to help!


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  • Business Gift Card Boost Program FAQ:

    Q: Which businesses qualify for the Business Gift Card Boost program?

    A: At the recommendation of the North Platte Area Chamber & Development, the North Platte City Council approved businesses in the following sectors to participate in the program; retail, restaurants, salons & beauty parlors (including individual hair stylists), dog groomers, tire & auto shops, photographers and pharmacies.


    Q: Which area of businesses qualify for the program?

    A: Those within North Platte, and 2 mile jurisdiction are eligible.


    Q: Who receives the LB 840 / Quality Growth Fund money?

    A: The matching funds will go directly to the business. Businesses will need to provide documentation for proof of sales. Once the funds have been exhausted, no other requests will be funded.


    Q: Is there a maximum amount my business can receive?

    A: Business can receive up to $2,000 total. Documentation must be received prior to funds being exhausted. It is suggested to turn in proof of sales as soon as possible.


    Q: How can I purchase gift cards / certificates without going into a business?

    A: We encourage all consumers to either call the business/store directly, stop into the store if they are able, check the businesses website, or the Buy Local site offered through the North Platte Telegraph to purchase gift cards from our local businesses > https://localbusiness.lee.net/north-platte-telegraph/


    Q: When does this program begin / expire?

    A: This program will begin on May 6, 2020, and will run through July 6, 2020 OR the date when funds are exhausted- all $200,000 matching funds are disbursed to eligible businesses.


    Q: What documentation does my business need to collect reimbursement for gift cards / certificates sold and to participate in this program? 

    A: Proof of sale / purchase must be turned into the North Platte Area Chamber and Development office at 502 South Dewey office prior to the funds being depleted. Duplicate receipts, or copies of gift certificates are the best form of proof of sales. ALL sales must match dollar for dollar the amount the gift card/certificate is for. Example: A $25 gift card, must be sold for $25 to be eligible for the Gift Card Boost Program, it cannot be discounted.


    Q: Are there any restrictions with the amounts for individual gift cards?

    A: Yes- each gift card sold is limited to $100 maximum that can be reimbursed per gift card. This recommendation from City Council was an effort to assist more individuals to participate in the program and drive more traffic into our businesses either virtually or in the near future.