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  • 1. Entries are open to two divisions: ALL MALE or MIXED
    (consisting of at least one female). Entries are due by June 3, 2019.
    2. All contestants must be non-professional bakers or chefs. No more than four (4) entries from any business and/or organization.
    3. Each team will receive 2-4 previously baked cakes. The decorating time is limited to one hour and thirty minutes.
    4. Knives, spatulas, regular frosting and tubes of decorating frosting are provided. Any special decorations such as figurines, maraschino cherries, nuts, coconut, etc. are welcome, but must be provided by the contestants. Hostesses are not responsible for props.
    5. Cakes will not be cut. Cakes are judged solely on the theme and decorative appearance. The 2018 theme is, "50 Years in Flat Rock"
    6. Winners will be awarded in each of the following divisions: A) Greenhorns/ All-Male, B) Greenhorns/Mixed, C) Old-Timers/ All­ Male, and D) Old-Timers/Mixed.

    Download the entry form HERE

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