• SHOP SMALL NP Passport

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  • The Overview:

    Let’s give shoppers a little extra incentive to visit all of their favorite places– including your business. Participants will be invited to SHOP SMALL on Saturday, November 27th. Select locations will offer the unique SHOP SMALL NP Passport.

    Individuals will go to the businesses listed within the Passport for a stamp. After filling their Passport with a minimum of 8 stamps, they will turn their Passport into the final business they stop/shop at.

    After all Passports have been collected, the winners will be drawn. The winners will receive gift cards courtesy of the NP Passport Businesses.


  • Stamp your NP Passport on November 27th at participating businesses!

    Visit our unique Small Shops in North Platte and ask for a stamp on your passport, once you fill the passport (8 spots), you can turn your passport in at any of the participating NP Passport Businesses for a chance to win BIG!!

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    THE NITTY-GRITTY DETAILS: Pick up your SHOP SMALL NP Passport at participating businesses on Saturday, November 27th. Visit a minimum of 8 of the businesses to get a stamp or sticker on your passport on Saturday, November 27th only. After filling the passport up, write your name and phone number on the blank lines located on the back of the passport. You will turn your passport into the last participating business location you visit. NP Chamber representatives will pick the passports up the following Monday. The winners will receive a bundles of Gift Cards from the NP Passport Businesses!

    Save the date- - do not miss this opportunity to support local shops, and your chance to win BIG!!

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  • 2021 SHOP SMALL NP Passport Businesses

    A Botanical Dream

    A Cut Above / Doodads & Fandangles

    Ace Hardware (Downtown NP)

    Alive Outside

    Another Avenue

    Beyond Envy

    Bible Supplies (Westfield Shopping Center)

    Bill Summer's Ford

    Bow and Arrow (Downtown NP)

    Brittany's (District 177- formerly Platt River Mall)

    Brown's Shoe Fit (Downtown NP)

    Cinda's Accents (Downtown NP)

    Coffee Bin, The

    Double Dips Ice Creamery (Downtown NP)

    Dr Scrubs and More

    Fantasy Gifts

    Feather River Vineyard

    Garden Glove

    Golden Spike Tower Store

    Happy Heart Specialty Foods

    Hirschfeld's (Downtown NP)

    Mammoth Clothing Exchange (Downtown NP)

    Pals Brewing Company

    Prairie Hand Knits

    Prairie Friends & Flowers

    Premier Rental Purchase (Downtown NP)

    Pop Corner (Westfield Shopping Center)

    Quilt Rack & Wool Cubby (Downtown NP)

    Refined Boutique (Downtown NP)

    River Gun Valley (Downtown NP)

    Sports Shoppe & Big Red Etc.

    Swan's Fine Home (Downtown NP)

    Tallmon's Jewelry (Downtown NP)

    The Flower Market (Downtown NP)

    Tipsy Canvas (Downtown NP)

    Tobacco Road

    Town & Country Western Wear

    Westfield Floral & Pharmacy (Westfield Shopping Center)

    Whitetail Screen Print (Downtown NP)


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