• Shot In the Arm Housing Incentive

  • “Shot in the Arm – Phase 2” housing development guidelines:

    • A developer must commit to constructing at least two new housing units (4 was the requirement in Phase 1).  The homes cannot be owner occupied and cannot have already been permitted.
    • The housing units must be reasonably ready for occupancy by the summer of 2020.
    • North Platte and all Lincoln County villages are eligible to participate.  Houses must be constructed within their zoning jurisdictions (state rules).
    • For sale or for lease (rent) are both eligible.
    • The homes must sell for less than $275,000.   Multi-unit apartments cannot cost more than $200,000 per unit to construct.  Housing structures must be a minimum of 1,400 square feet with two car garage.
    • Single family houses can qualify for $12,000 in incentives (if state funding is approved).
    • Townhomes (duplexes) can qualify for $12,000 per side.
    • Multi-unit structures (over 2 units) can qualify for “up to” $6,000 per living unit.
    • Modular Homes (as defined by the State) can qualify for $6,000 per unit upon certificate of occupancy.
    • Incentives are dispersed at the drywall stage of the project for single family and duplexes and at certificate of occupancy from multi-family and modular homes.
    • Experienced developers must have proof of credit from a reputable financial institution and references.  Final decision of eligibility lies with the Chamber Development Application Review Team and Board of Directors.  Individual housing projects must be approved in advance and enter into an agreement with our organization.
    • Any of the state funds not used within two years from the date of release of funds must be returned to the State.
    • Villages are required to provide a lot at no charge as part of the matching local commitment.  This can be from any entity (village, non-profit, private citizen, etc.)



    North Platte (all of city and two mile zoning jurisdiction).  Villages of Brady, Hershey, Sutherland and Wallace and 1 mile zoning jurisdiction.




     - $800,000 – North Platte Area Chamber business members and incentive investment partners.


    -$383,400 – State Grant Application matching request – Nebraska Rural Workforce Housing Fund.  Applications due on March 30.    Grant awards announced April 30.   Contract negotiations in May.  Program will be launched in May.


  • Download the Application Here

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