• North Platte U. S. Postal Center to Transition into LPC



    USPS to Improve Mail Operations at North Platte Processing Facility

    NORTH PLATTE, NE — As part of a $40 billion investment strategy to upgrade and improve the Postal processing, transportation, and delivery networks, the United States Postal Service announced its plan to modernize mail operations at its North Platte P&DC in North Platte, NE.

    The announcement comes following a thorough business review and solicitation of public feedback on the facility’s future. In addition to determining the facility will remain open and modernized as a Local Processing Center (LPC), the business case supports transferring mail processing outgoing operations to the Denver P&DC in Denver, CO. Currently, a majority of mail and packages are destined outside the North Platte area to the rest of the world.

    The investment in the North Platte facility is a part of the Postal Service’s 10-year Delivering for America (DFA) plan to improve organizational and operational processes and actively make the Postal Service an efficient, high-performing, world class logistics and delivery provider.

    The Postal Service will invest up to $4.4 million in the North Platte LPC, which will result in expanded and streamlined package and mail processing and distribution capabilities for the facility. These investments include $2.0 million for modernization efforts and deferred maintenance. For example, these funds will be used for new workplace amenities for Postal Service employees such as new lighting and renovated bathrooms and breakrooms. To help improve delivery services, investments totaling $2.4 million will be made to locate a Flex Rover Sorter Dual into the facility.

    The facility will feature evolving USPS self-service tools and technology to give customers added services and new choices in how they ship and receive packages, including Smart Lockers, which are a keyless, self-service delivery solution that allows package shippers and package recipients to send and receive packages direct to a Post Office Smart Locker location.

    The Postal Service also announced there will be no career layoffs as part of this initiative. All career bargaining unit reassignments, as well as any reduction in any number of pre-career employees, will be made in accordance with respective collective bargaining agreements. As part of its strategy, the Postal Service is enhancing package processing and shipping capacity, which may result in increased plant activity and the need for additional support in the future.

    Once changes are implemented, Business mail entry, Post Office, station, and branch retail services are not expected to change, and delivery services will be enhanced. After the North Platte facility is converted to an LPC, it is anticipated that it will be able to mail and ship packages, manual letters and flats. The LPC is also anticipated to offer express services and accept bulk and permit mail.




    “I am thoroughly disappointed and disgusted with the lack of leadership at the highest level of the USPS.  This is one more dagger in the heart of rural America.  They truly do NOT care about rural and small-town citizens across America.  The level of hypocrisy was on full display at the local public hearing when we heard about their game plan, which everyone knows the standards they talked about will never be met.  The sad reality is that no one will hold them accountable for the obvious lies they spewed out about the improvement of service and time of mail delivery.

    “Though it was obvious to many this decision was probably made months ago, I appreciate the fact local citizens still fought the good fight, and local and state leadership spoke out as well as U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer and Congressman Adrian Smith.

    “The brave local USPS employees kept working hard despite being short-handed with so many positions unfilled (on purpose by the USPS leadership), and those employees that spoke out.   I would encourage the local USPS employees that are impacted to stay in the community and fill job openings here.  We need you.  Clearly the USPS leadership cannot be trusted with their futures.”


    We would like to thank our media partners who have helped educate and shed light on the issue. Your support has not gone unnoticed.


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