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  • This program expired March 31, 2020- however, North Platte still has open positions available. Please check the resources below to find out more!
    WorkNP- Giving North Platte employers the resources they need to recruit high-quality
    jobs and a highly-skilled workforce in our community.
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  • The WORKNP.com program offers local employers up to $5,000 per open position (in the form of matching funds) for the purpose of creating a robust, attractive worker incentive package to help fill a job.

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  • Qualifying worker incentives can include relocation expenses, down payments or deposits, equipment purchases, help with student loan repayment, specialized training certificates, and more.

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    North Platte Area Chamber & Development and other organizers of the WORKNP.com program believe that to truly grow our community is to add workers to the labor force, not recirculate existing employees from one local employer to another. The WORKNP.com program was aimed at bringing new, highly-skilled workers to our community, and retaining local high school and college graduates. We believe that robust worker incentive programs can help. We continue to reevaluate to possibility of future programs like WORKNP.


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    WORKNP.com was designed to drive job creation and economic development in Lincoln County, Nebraska, through workforce expansion and recruitment efforts.

    Looking for a job? Consider expanding your search to the North Platte area - there are many unique opportunities here, including those offered through employers participating in the WORKNP.com program.

    Why Lincoln County?

    North Platte and the surrounding area has a remarkably healthy and robust job market. A recent survey of 45 North Platte Area Chamber & Development members revealed nearly 200 open full-time positions, 50% of which pay $20 or more an hour.