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    Here at Heritage Acres, we believe in working with our customers to build the health of our land+families+community together.

    You deserve superior, nutrient-dense foods so we connect you with farms that do things a little differently & go to great lengths to improve their soils. We connect you with local businesses whose handmade products are crafted with skill & knowledge passed down through generations.

    Our easy online ordering platform and convenient delivery methods link you to small family businesses with just a few clicks. And with more artisan producers joining this movement, you can purchase more of your family's food locally and strengthen our local food network.

    With all the changes in the world, Heritage Acres works to offer healthier & fresher food to Southwest Nebraska in a way that keeps you safe & builds a resilient local food chain.

    2022 is your year to build health. Our mission is to make that easier.

    With Gratitude,
    Chris & Paula Sandberg Family


    Heritage Local Co was founded by Paula Sandberg. A producer herself, Paula understood just how important it was to have access to high quality, incredibly delicious proteins and produce. She values shopping local, so much so that she created Heritage Local Co to make it easier on every community.
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